Dabha – My favorite recipe center…

Being hyderabadi..you grow up with three things……Tindu (telugu-hindi-urdu mixed language)……….Perfect and only one direction….seedha chale jao miljata.. 😛 (go straight and you will find it, ask any stranger on street for direction..one unanimous answer…..) and lastly.. ehhumm…spicy yummy food ..defaulted being the foodies capitol city ..we take all pride in three. 🙂 …

Growing up the best places to eat weren’t those exquisite, fancy starrred restaurants…but food from mom’s special love overdosed kitchen and our favorite table was the crossed legs on kitchen floor.[Its not that we don’t have a dining table…but table is not our thing…)…. competing to sit with our favorite aunt uncle friends or who’s ever the star guest of the night…

On an occasional trip out with friends there was ganna juice(sugar cane juice)  during summer or fresh squeezed juice of the season with food special ordered from street vendors and long road trips a must stop was the dabha (Only available on Indian National Highway….similar to interstate).. with seating options from rope (coconut ropes) cots with  wooden plank in between…

Ahh!!! What splendid those days…

I would like to share some of my favorite recipes from both east and west 🙂

Try out and let me know

Khaaye jaoo…(keep on eating…sounds duh when translated  😛 )



Note: Please note these are not my creations. Some are from cook books, magazine and New paper articles. This is for my personal use and do not intended any infringement of rights 🙂


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