On My Wedding Day..-©-RU

In a crowded room of deities..
I met my personal two…. as my parents
needing no ashtanga yogas nor unknown sanskrit verses
needless I must say …they heard all my  prayers and wishes
a child , from pure love , they bring me to this world ..
my cryings had became their agony and my laughter their songs.
never the burden of “society” nor the lament of unknown fears.
always bestowing strength of self.
In all they stood by …for we were children too dear.
When I had no friends you both were my besties..
when world called out me as ugly caterpillar..you showed me the butterfly i could be..
You trusted and taught me to keep up
with knowledge of yesterday you gave me wings to fly into today..
I sometimes wonder what wars you must have faced to give me peace..
Today as your child…I promise…will carry your words as my guide..
Amma you are my living guru and he (dad) now my angel…
What else can I say to equal to your love
I stand at the altar with your blessings in my heart..
I walk in pride and strength towards a new phase of life.
I cannot thank you enough for what you are and..
“You” will always be my first love..and shall be for eternity of my life…