Guilt free Chocolate Mousse

Serves 2

Time: 40 min+(set time 2hrs)


185 gm of Chocolate chopped

2 eggwhites

1tsp coffee

1/2 tsp cocoa powder

2 tsp Irish Cream Liquor

1/2 Tbspn Sugar

50gm Hung Yougurt



Icing Sugar


Chop chocolate , melt chocolate using double container method (Large saucepan with water simmering and a smaller saucepan that sits in the large saucepan completely without immersing itself)

Take egg whites in a bowl and mix them till they become stiff, then add sugar and mix

In another bowl take coffee, cocoa powder, Irish cream liquor and mix well.

Add this to the melted chocolate

Now whisk the hung curd into this mixture

Finally with the large steel spoon fold in the beaten egg mixture into the chocolate yogurt, a spoon at ta time

Be careful not to over mix at this time other wise the mousse will lose its volume

spoon this creamy chocolate mixture into four bowls

Put them into the refrigerator for a couple of hours for the mousse to set

prettying up 🙂

Put forzen blue berries in a pan of water , to it add pinch of sugar for taste and let them boil for 15 min till water reduces

garnish he mousse with blueberry compote, dust a little icing sugar on top and serve chilled.

Meeta hojaye…[Desert]

No Indian meal completes with meeta..the desert. It can be simple from meeta paan , a Rolled beetal Leaf with sweet jelly, nuts and much more; depending on the variety to complex pootharekulu , bunch of rice paper rolled in layers of sugar and clarified butter ,ghee.


Meet you again!!© RU

Let the roads rise, for me, to meet you
as the dark skies that tease me,  sailing away the moon
for there has been no destiny that brightens my heart as that of your arrival…
the shadows of your love, meeting me on these roads, began the rainbows making it a beautiful life
the thunders from your laughter bringing the joy as of a coming rain…
I dance today in the songs of your breath that breeze me into journey , oh!! that I long to beckon
for galaxy of stars that lay a path for all turns ,
whilst among the shooting stars , I make an innocent prayer
Let the roads rise ,for me, to meet you again 🙂