The words ©-RU

The words ,that once took my heart away,
At turn of hour,
Have now sunken it (heart ) to the bottom of sea
Taking with it are the treasures you fail to see
What once was the stream, from tears, of joy
now navigate me to the bed of sea.
In the test of true love for i shall rise , burden of heart will be set free
Watching the sunrise you may be ashore,
& not be able to see the pearl I’have become
For all your life you were picking the pebbles a shore…
The words ,that once took my heart away,
At turn of hour….


Quick Sand..©RU

The Quick Sand of pain
Sucking me into its belly
an abysmal that it seems
shows future and past worries all as a vain..
I try and cry….Oh! you quick sand what it is your gain..
[ought it is] preparing me against the test of time for
i shall raise with my hands up all over again
as it filters true men that stand out and extended all out
like a twister that it carries away the light hearted,
in a beat that it calms, all its valor coming to and end .
introducing me to the sunshine all over as new
that in past  was amiss by me over and over again