I can never title this .©-RU

sunny days and cloudy ways…
she walks along the shores, in search of waters
she digs here and she dug there..every puddle in salted water..
cant drink to quench her thirst..
has she basked around mirages ..you angrily ask..
reach out and hold, her chest filled with long stories have never been
walking away like the wind touching every soul that she enters in..
rays of rainbow now that she sees and that you only can think
are from tears on her cheeks and sunny rays of your face..
living as the glow warm, only for a night,for you to see
you end her little life with your word of swords..
now that she sleeps in eternal peace, only for your prayers to be
how wonder, you don’t even sigh..in a jiffy you live and do not ply..
she carried you in her womb, she carried you on her shoulders..
in hope that she lives..for one word you call her “mother” and lo!every
thing she has she gives..
forgive and give are her two hands, how pity you don’t have one hand to
turn and to reach..
nothing she asks nothing she seeks..One heart that beats(only for you)
she is the “mother” we don’t have ask,
With a peck i place on her cheek, “I love you” for all that you make and
and give, for I can live like the prince.


Dt: sep 30th 2011.

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