Hasna!! (Laugh)

Hasne pe koi kanjoosi nahi …… (Dont be frugal in laughter…)


With all due respect and love for SardarJI. This is just for Light fun nothing personal, sorry if I hurt you in anyway … 🙂

On My personal note, We all laugh tummies out when the “other” is center of joke, it takes sportive and brave heart to be the heart of the joke and who can be more than Sardar Saheb can be sportive and brave at heart ..thats why most jokes centric them…Right??? 😉


> A Sardar went to a bank to open a S.B. A/C.
After seeing the Form he went to Delhi for filling it up.
You know why?
Form said: ‘Fill Up In Capital.’  😉

>Sardarji standing below a tube light with open mouth.
Because his doctor advised him: ‘Today’s dinner should be light !’

> one sardarji professor asked a plumber to come to his college.
You know why?
Because he wanted to check where the question paper is leaking.

> Santa! Your daughter has died!
Depressed, Sardar jumps from 100th floor.
At 50th floor he remembers I don’t have a daughter!
At 25th floor he remembers I’m unmarried!
At 10th floor he remembers I’m Banta not Santa!

> On romantic date sardar’s gf asks him:
‘Darling ! On our engagement will you give me a ring?’
He said: ‘Sure ! What’s your phone no.?’

> Sardar found the answer to the most difficult question ever.
What will come first, chicken or egg?
Oye Yaar, what ever u order first will come first.

> What does a sardar do after taking a Xerox?
He will compare it with the original for any spelling mistakes.

> Why can’t sardars dial Nine-Eleven (911) at emergency?
They cannot find the eleven on the phone.

> Sardar at an Art Gallery : I suppose this horrible luking thing is what you call modern art?
Art dealer: I beg your pardon sir, that’s a mirror! 😉

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