Question in Ignorance .©-RU

buried deep into earth
by the age less time…
I have lived long so enough to build mountains on me…
with a thirsting quest to reach out and sore
over the years i have waited for the chance to explode..
like a seed that grows, tearing the ground to transform into a tree..
I needed to see what i could be…
waxing and waning with the energies of search
I began to climb up meditating within..
asking the lord again and again
what you have made me to be?…
in silence did he respond..burning me more with vigor and thirst
on a day, I burst with energies red and hot! i would reach the sky- i thought
only to fountain and become a black rock!
sun, moon and the stars are having a laugh at me was my only thought
gloomed in dejection, I cried in despair
Oh! Merciful, this is what you want me to be?
countless plea’s did I make, silence is what he talked
over time in acceptance and thought, embraced that I was a Black Rock!
silence now is what I kept with my lord…
i began to settle as the black rock.
detached over appearance
retraced the road of search within
in heat and cold did my body wash..sternly I continued my walk..
a gush of happiness and content did I suddenly experience
I opened my eyes to see and found me twinkle..
In Innocence I did ask(the god), who I could be?
first time ever did he say “You are my diamond”
Thursday, November 19, 2009
**Published in International Who’s Who in Poetry 2013 edition.

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