My Daddy!.©-RU

he was the head..and was mamma’s best armour..
all she had to say “Will tell daddy” magical words she got her say!!
She had to say “No”, She rather say “Will ask daddy”! and I understood those tones..
My bro had to cover up his losing tone, he would say, let dad come home..!
Or… had to spoil my girl-day outs, he would pass on “words to big boss”
For all the report he(dad) got from these two,
he would give me one angry look..
rolling out i poured and locked me up in my room.
tip-toed he walked to me, would wink
and say “Oh you knew it!, i was just acting in front of these two”
i would smile up and say “Me too”
He tickled me and brought me surprises..!
He gave  me piggy back rides as childs play
growing up he rode me in all  delays.
teaching the good and bad,
sometimes friend, some times “The Dad” and now my angel!
he was the best i knew, I will know
for all that he taught me, today ,that I have become.
Each moment with that I cherish,
My love for him shall never perish,
like a star he shines in all skies above me and beyond..
I would ever say “I love you” and make a wish and say Happy bday daddy!!.
In all walks of my life, you will every be my friend,leader,spirit and strength.
For all seas depth,i love you in all breaths!!


Date: 5/10/2011

Dads Bday!

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