Life in a box(In Box) .©-RU

Inspired from spam mail I receive !!


Life ( Inbox) once filled with spam (hardships)..
ever looks full like a  rush-hour Jam .
over the years it gets bulky and now best ones also start to reach it…
needing for a constant work of  scaning and deleting 
by saving the best and trashing the rest!
for making our life(s) at its best!!
we make a silent wish to avoid the process ‘to fish’
a day when it comes true  and we don’t see a spam,
first we laugh, then we play ….
over the years It gets silent and  it gets dead..
turning to seek what’s missing…
only too see the clock on wall that’s ticking
we look for change out in open air…
a change that ever remained constant — “soul search”
only to realize life was much better with all the spam,,,,,,,,



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