It Awakens In Me…©-RU

Mysterious Misty morning that wakes me…
bringing the sunshine that brightens my day…
setting the  paths of journey…. i sigh not any day..
running along the concrete jungle..
have i forgotten the traits of black and white..
Only to remember a life full in these shades of grey..
Have i learnt to keep silent, or have i mastered the art of patience..
sometimes i wonder, a long silence, i rest, under ponder,
have i continued only to wait or have I forgotten to lay the path to start..
wonder what’s the fair after all, when I only learnt one word the “unfair..”
i compete with who? i question,
sometimes possession and sometimes position..along i grow the unknown poison
what it kills, cannot i say today,In a promise  of unknown tomorrow….
i continue to walk away in dusts of hay..
strong i call myself, I weaken in my knees with loss of my strength..
i rise i declare, i fall(as human) with self-praise i make…
i shall love i promise, every time i do have a miss..
what coats of pride do we wear?
someone in silk and someone none to wear..
in a laugh, i say, it’s irony, i talk to you and you hear me, of which none of us have dared not explore..
my thoughts pledge to unveil her one day..
i set to awaken again… Where shall i begin, from mystery of the misty mornings that awakens me…
I am yet running in the shades of the grey!!


Dt: 12 September 2011