Irony called Lyf!! .©-RU

In a slience of the dwan,
I wonder why, I wonder why..
it thunders so high! the dark clouds beset our relationships,
clouding the guileless sky!!
In awe and wonder,I never could understand the language of thunder!
spitter!! splatter, splitter splatter out it pours
like each rain drop kneading a rope for me to reach the sky!!
lost in the gimmick ( of lyf ) I get lured at the flora and fauna..
hither-thither i continue to wander
only to forget that I was born to reach for the sky!
as the sun-sets it self to raise the moon
yet, I do not give up to ponder,
only to see no-moon day and
ah !! I blame and call it “the Irony” called “life”.

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