Dad! .©-RU

A memory that never fades!
Love that knows no lust…
in all matter did he trust…
from darkest mistakes to whitest plays…
in all did he say i am yours…
for a wish that remained
until the eternity falls…
like stream his love flowed…a mountain he stood for all my fears…
in a arm that i wish to live…
for he was only my father dear!
Angels wanted him…and acted a foul play…
took him to their court and
never showed him way back home…
keeping the doors open, leaving a heart that yearns for him…
i stand at the shore and watch the sky and earth meet
a shooting star that falls..and i make a silent wish…
be happy where ever you are…for your warmth has always filled my life
you will be in my prayers in all forms of our lives!


Dedicated to my “Nana”

 “Love Roshini” 


Its been 16 years that we parted by destiny but our love echos in spaces of eternity!


Dad’s Name: Nagendra Nath Velamuri


DOB: May 10th 1951 .


DOD: Nov 24th 1998


Dt: 11-24-2010

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