Welcome 2 Studio-D

Thanks for stopping by… Did you grab your coffee?? ha ha 😉
This is what I like to hold warm in my hands when I sit to read or set loose myself in building my creative works!!
“Studio-D” is my Studio’s name, which collectively houses “RU” -Writing works and  “Antarmayi-The Inner Light” named as suggested by divine grace Shri Sai Baba that houses all services surrendered unto his holy feet.
I hope you would enjoy reading/viewing through my site.! If you fall in love with my works and want to stay abreast on latest additions you can subscribe to this site!!
I take opportunity to thank Shridi Sai baba, My parents Padmavathi and Nagendranath ,Vishwanathan Garu , my bro Dinakar aka dinkx ,Prof: Moinuddin Syed, Madhukar sir and my friends esp my bestie’s Praveen, Mahesh, chalam..for their unconditional support,critic, guidance and love in pursuing my passion. Thank you guys!! 🙂
Thank you readers for sending me your valuable comments and Suggestions, they are always a welcome.

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